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    Product categories
       Heterocycle Series
       Boronic Acid Series
       Pyridine Series
       Benzene Series
       Medicine Impurity
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    Tel: +86-22-66200236
    E-mail: sales_atoptj@163.com
    About Us
    Atop Bio-Tech (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (Atop) was established in the national innovation base, the Binhai New Area of Tianjin city. Wuqing district has built in test and commercialization of production base. The company is a comprehensive enterprise of new drug research and development, production and services in organic chemistry and modern medicine chemical technology as the core of the. At present, the drug varieties mainly covers the treatment of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and . ...More>>>
    Business scope
     The original research of innovative drugs, generic technology innovation, intermediates and process optimization;
     And industrial test has a complete process of API and intermediates in the production; making making
     New drug research and development stage of the small molecule design and synthesis and amplification technology research

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